A Truly Unique School

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What if there was a school...

  • that starts after 10am giving students more time to sleep?

  • where every day starts with fitness, yoga, Pilates, or dance?

  • where there is "No Homework Ever!" and no need to hire tutors or learning coaches because girls work at their own pace (often with their friends) being guided though online courses with Odyssey Heights teachers being their learning coaches?

  • that emphasizes real-life, hands-on, engaging and challenging learning experiences in the outdoors?

  • where a month of overnight trip days are included in tuition?

  • that has an OE3 Outdoor Ecological and Experiential Education program that provides enrichment for the Ontario Curriculum

  • where all students participate in a school-wide, curriculum-linked equestrian program?

  • that has a 10:1 student-to-teacher in class ratio (not just the "on staff" ratio that some other schools use to mislead to parents)?

  • that specializes in both the arts and the sciences?

  • that has team-taught, multi-age learning communities that function like an extended family?

  • Where individualized teaching, and very French small classes of 4-8 students, ensures that all girls graduate functionally fluent in French - in time for the graduation trip to France?

  • that provides an integrated, supportive, and challenging university preparatory curriculum for students with giftedness and students with anxiety, learning disabilities, ADHD, & depression.

  • that has had universities recruiting it' graduates even before the school's first year of operation?

  • that is one of the only secondary schools in Canada to use the research proven Montessori method that's produced leaders in both the arts as sciences including: the founders of Google, Wikipedia andAmazon; Julia Childs; Anne Frank; Sean "P. Diddly" Combs; George Clooney; and several Nobel Prize and Grammy Award Winners?

Well now there is. Welcome to Odyssey Heights School for Girls, opening in midtown Toronto in 2018.  Apply now, or request more information by contacting the director and founding principal Ms. Elizabeth McCready at mselizabeth@odysseyheights.ca, or 416-556-4079.



Middle School - Grades 7-9

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Senior School - Grades 10-12