Fall Term (September to December) Overnight Trips


Bruce Peninsula National Park & World Biosphere Reserve
Bruce Peninsula National Park welcomes explorers of all ages to uncover the natural wonders of its limestone coasts, mixed-wood forests, cliffside cedars, clear-water lakes and vibrant orchids. Situated along Southern Ontario’s Niagara Escarpment, and part of a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, this stunning 156-sq-km park is easily accessible via highway, only four hours from Toronto.

This is the traditional home of the Saugeen Ojibway First Nations, who have drawn subsistence and spirituality from this land for centuries, as well as a protected preserve for more than 200 species of birds, mammals both small and large, amphibians and even some rare reptiles.

OE3_Killarney winter xcski landscape lake.jpg

Killarney XC Skiing, Snowshoeing, & “Glamping” (Yurts) 

As soon as the snow falls, Killarney is transformed into a pristine winter playground for visitors of all ages. The village of Killarney and Killarney Provincial Park, both open all year round, take on a secluded, enchanting atmosphere that provide visitors with a unique outdoor experience. The park is quiet and still, the crowds have thinned, and wildlife sightings are all the more magical. Whether you’re a fan of winter weather or not, a snowy weekend in Killarney can prove that Northeastern Ontario’s long winters are quite beautiful.

Did you know that Killarney Provincial Park has a rich artistic heritage and Group of Seven members A.Y. Jackson and Franklin Carmichael influenced its creation?

Winter Term (January to March Break) Overnight Trips


Arrowhead Provincial Park
Located just west of Algonquin, Arrowhead is a winter wonderland. It has a 1.3km ice skating trail, xc skiing, snowshoeing, tubing, and heated cabins with mini-fridges and microwaves. The skating trail is lit for night skating with hundreds of tiki torches. Students will stay in heated cabins that each have their own kitchenette. The one bunk bed and one double bed are both made from beautiful solid wood whole logs. Click here to view a 3 minute video about all the fun winter activities at Arrowhead.

Inside the cabins at Arrowhead provincial park

Inside the cabins at Arrowhead provincial park

The cozy heated cabins at arrowhead provincial park are a peaceful place to gather, rest, cook, eat, and sleep after activity filled days.

The cozy heated cabins at arrowhead provincial park are a peaceful place to gather, rest, cook, eat, and sleep after activity filled days.


Canadian Ski Marathon
Founded in 1967 as part of the Canada Centenary, the CSM is a world renowned 100mile (160km) 2 day xc ski event in Quebec. It’s a personal challenge and not a race. Some skiers do just one 10 mile section, while the Gold Courier de Bois do all 100 miles carrying everything they need to camp out on the Saturday night. The CSM has participants of all ages from 4 years old to into their 90s. (Ms. Elizabeth completed 20 miles in two days with no poles in record -53 degree weather when she was five.)

With all the Nordic Walking, skating, snowshoeing, and xc ski lessons even students new to xc skiing will be ready for one section a day. Students will stay in the event’s dorms on Friday and Saturday, and spend Thursday, Sunday, and Monday in self-catering accommodations.

Spring Term (After March Break to June) Overnight Trips

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Algonquin Camping, Visual Arts, and Day Hiking

The Algonquin trip is the second tent camping trip of the school year. Algonquin Park provides a lovely natural setting for students to go day hiking, do water colour painting, textile and fibre arts, and to share music and stories around nightly campfires.

Students can use some of their student council activities budget on one of the days on the Algonquin trip to plan their own activity. Possible options include: trail riding, Friends of Algonquin Park education programs (canoeing day, wolf howl, wildlife research, and more), a visit to the Algonquin Art Centre, a special picnic hike on the Old Railway trail, and/or fat tire or mountain biking.


End of Year (June) Student Planned Overnight Trip

The first annual student planned trip for family and friends is in June 2019. With guidance from teachers the students choose the location and do all the planning, marketing, and budgeting.