Three payment plans are available: standard 4 payments, single payment, and monthly. Please fill out an admissions request form to receive a downloadable PDF admissions package that includes the fee payment schedules.

All Students

Full-Time Tuition: $27,975

Tuition includes all overnight trips (activities, accommodation, meals), day trips (20+ ROM visits, waterfall hikes, rock climbing, xc skiing, snowshoeing, …), horseback riding lessons and trail rides, semi-private French, books and school materials.

Part-Time Tuition:

The 1st and last OE3 Overnight Trips of the year, All day trips (Fridays), plus either: 3 other full days of the week, or all days with early dismissal around 3:15pm

Trip Transportation: $1,275

Meals: $2,130 or 10 monthly payments of $240

-Second Breakfast, plus lunches on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; Students purchase their own lunch on visits to the ROM and bring their own on Library study days.

School Council Activity Fee: $340

This covers the costs of the student planned POGO (Project Or Going Out) days. Students learn to organize and budget for special events. (This fee is e-transferred and auto-deposited to the Student Council’s bank account. Any withdrawals require an OHS staff.)

One Time Fees for New Students

Note that the fees for our revised program are almost $10,000 less for new students than the former one.

Enrolment Fee: $2,950.00 (First sibling), $2,450 (second and subsequent sibling)

Graduation Award Fee: $750.00 - Students who graduate from Odyssey Heights get $1,000/student put into the graduating class budget for their student planned grad trip to France.

Uniform - includes kilts, blouses, polos, blazer, as well as some outdoor and sports uniform items: $1,490.00 (standard package) $2,225 (deluxe package)

Other Personal Items

  • iPad Pro (latest generation) with Apple Pencil and keyboard, OR MacBook (less than 1 year old) and 6th Generation or newer iPad with Apple Pencil.

  • Equestrian Uniform - cost varies widely especially depending on helmet and boots, 1 day a week students can wear their breeches, shirt, tall boots, and riding jacket as their uniform.

  • Long underwear, non-cotton underwear and non-cotton sports bras, wool socks, footwear, black leggings,

  • ice skates & skating helmet/concussion protection, xc ski package (rent from Mountain Equipment Co-Op or purchase new), snowshoes (snowshoes are provided, but students may wish to have their own.)

  • Winter Parka, rain jacket and rain pants

  • Lunches on days at the ROM and Reference Library