Three payment plans are available: standard 4 payments, single payment, and monthly. Please fill out an admissions request form to receive a downloadable PDF admissions package that includes the fee payment schedules.

All Students

Full-Time Tuition: $27,825

Tuition includes all overnight trips (activities, accommodation, meals, group gear,), day trips (20+ ROM visits, waterfall hikes, rock climbing, xc skiing, snowshoeing, …), horseback riding lessons and trail rides, small group French classes, books, and group outdoor gear (eg tents, stoves).

Part-Time Tuition: $20,981 (Available for a limited number of students)

The 1st and last OE3 Overnight Trips of the year, All day trips (Fridays), plus either: 3 other full days of the week, or all days Monday to Thursday with early dismissal during/before lunch plus Fridays.

Trip Transportation: $1,475 single payment, or

Meals: $2,130 single payment, or included in monthly payment plan

-Morning snack plus lunches on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday; Students purchase their own lunch on visits to the ROM and bring their own on Library study days.

School Council Activity Fee: $340

This covers the costs of the student planned POGO (Project Or Going Out) days. Students learn to organize and budget for special events. (This fee is paid separately from other fees and is e-transferred and auto-deposited to the Student Council’s bank account. Any withdrawals require an OHS staff signature.)

Visual & Fibre Arts Starter Kit Fee: $95-150

Independent Learning Centre Course Fees (Paid directly to the ILC): $40/Ontario Secondary School credit course

One Time Fees for New Students

Note that the fees for our revised program are almost $10,000 less for new students than the former one.

Enrolment Fee: $2,950.00 (First sibling), $2,450 (second and subsequent sibling)

Graduation Award Fee: $750.00 - Students who graduate from Odyssey Heights get $1,000/student put into the graduating class budget for their student planned grad trip to France.

Uniform: TBA We are currently consulting with one of our suppliers to have an online shop for most of the more casual uniform pieces (polos, sports wear, summer uniform shorts/skorts,..). The uniform pieces that come from the UK (kilt and all tartan items, blazer, striped summer blouses), must be purchased from Odyssey Heights.

Other Personal Items

  • Technology: iPad Pro (latest generation) with Apple Pencil and keyboard, OR MacBook (less than 1 year old) and 6th Generation or newer iPad with Apple Pencil. Apple Care and a tough protective case (eg Otterbox Defender series) are highly recommended. Ear buds (preferred) or noise cancelling folding headphones are also required. A film or digital camera is optional.

  • Equestrian Uniform - The cost varies widely especially depending on helmet, safety vest, and boots chosen. The uniform includes black breeches, tall black riding boots, black rubber boots (liner optional), helmet, purple crop/whip, gloves and winter mittens, safety vest, white riding shirt, black topped riding socks, and black riding jacket. One day a week students can wear their breeches, shirt, tall boots, and riding jacket as their uniform.

  • Sports underwear, base layer & socks: non-cotton* underwear and non-cotton* sports bras, wool socks, shoes and boots, black leggings,

  • Ice skates & skating helmet/concussion protection,

  • XC ski package (rent from Mountain Equipment Co-Op or purchase new), “Skis with grip skins are preferred over older “fish scale” style waxless, and classic waxable skis for the warmer snow conditions in Southern Ontario.

  • Rock climbing harness, climbing shoes, & chalk bag. The rental fee is covered for the orientation session. Students can choose to use their own climbing harness and shoes, continue to rent from the climbing gym, or purchase new gear (Mountain Equipment Co-Op on King east of Spadina or Sheppard at Leslie). Just like the equestrian uniform, the safest option is for students to get custom fitted for their own climbing shoes and harness. Girls with a dance background may find that they have very particular needs with climbing shoes (just like they do with pointe shoes).

  • Snowshoes (optional) snowshoes are provided on days that students snowshoe, but girls may wish to bring/have their own.

  • Winter Parka (Not Canada Goose), snowpants, rain jacket and rain pants

  • Uniform school bag,

  • Overnight OE3 trip outdoor gear: 115 L MEC duffel bag, 4 season sleeping bag, 4 season/winter sleeping pad, sleeping bag liner (optional), 1 or 2 100% wool* sweaters (Value Village is a great option until a student learns to knit her own wool sweater), wool* or fleece blanket (optional), summer/cabin sleeping bag (optional)

  • Clothing and gear name labels

  • Safety note: Wool is naturally fire retardant, and keeps the wearer warm even if it is wet. Cotton holds moisture against the skin, and is one of the leading causes of hypothermia.