“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” 
~ John Dewey

For age fifteen to eighteen, when the rapid growth of adolescence is slowing, a more rigorous intellectual schedule works, combined with community service and internships in the work world and professional fields meets the needs of teens growing into young adults.

Three High School Diploma Options


Core Comprehensive 

The Core Comprehensive program at Odyssey Heights School for Girls is for girls who want a well-rounded, amazing senior high school experience without focusing on equine sciences or French language.  Students in the core comprehensive program experience all Odyssey Heights School for Girls has to offer including:

  • 330+ hours of physical education and /or dance each year - including horseback riding lessons, and outdoor adventure activities
  • 1 or 2 multi-credit interdisciplinary courses
  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma with AP courses
  • Montessori Secondary II Diploma - including courses in peace and conflict studies, and agriculture and the environment, entrepreneurship and practical microeconomics, the graduation project and a peace project,
  • OE3 program including: international travel, horseback riding, POGO weeks and days (Project or Going Out), community service & leadership, and the Duke of Edinburgh Award.
  • Late start at 9:55am and “No Homework Ever!”

ESES: Equine Science and Equestrian Studies

Starting 2019/20 

For girls that are passionate about a career in veterinary, environmental, and biological sciences; equine management; and/or human services (ie teaching, psychology, social work),  - or just crazy about horses and animals - the Equine Sciences and Equestrian Studies program is being created just for them. The ESES diploma consists of both new locally developed and existing and Ontario Secondary School courses, AP courses, one to three days at the stables each week, co-op and work placements, and extensive out of province and international travel. When Odyssey Heights purchases our northern farm campus  (in 2022-2026) semesters in boarding at the farm will also be part of the program.

Note: The University of Connecticut is already recruiting our graduates for their science, pre-vet, and technology programs. They are especially interested in ESES graduates.


Extended French 

Starting 2019/20 or 2020/21

Odyssey Heights students wanting to maintain and improve their French language skills, can choose to opt into the Extended French  High School program during grade 9 or 10. Starting in grade 10 they take 1-2 French as a Second Language Courses at the Extended French level.  In grade 11 they have a complete, 7 month immersion experience in the 5 credit/500+ hour “Explorer d’Europe et l’Monde: Grade 11 Open” interdisciplinary studies course. 

Ontario Ministry of Education requirement for “minimum of four courses where French is the language of instruction” The Winter and Spring term, and July term are a complete immersion experience.