Admissions Process


As part of valuing kindness at Odyssey Heights School for Girls at least one staff visits each applicant in her home during the application process, and each new student in late spring or summer before school starts. Parents of busy children and teens do so much running around that we want to help reduce that. It's also a lovely way to really get to know our applicants and students.


  1. Request an application package via our online form [click here]

  2. Return the application along with supporting documentation* via email.

  3. Schedule an in-home information visit and interview

    1. For 2019-2020 an in home visit and minimum of two interviews are required. One with the student, and one with both parents.

**Families who are currently travelling outside of Canada can request a Skype or FaceTime interview, but an in person interview will be required in addition to the video interview

  1. Successful applicants will receive an acceptance letter along with a Tuition and Fees agreement.

  2. Families have 10 days from the date of the acceptance letter to email the signed tuition and fees agreement and pay the first tuition payment. Wire transfers, Interact e-transfers, direct deposit into the school’s RBC bank account, and credit cards are accepted for initial payment. (Personal cheques are accepted for second, and subsequent payments.)

  3. Fill out the uniform measurements online form so Odyssey Heights School can order your daughter’s uniform and have it ready to pick up at the end of August. The ‘New Girl Uniform Package’ is included in the tuition and fees.

*Documentation notes:

As supporting a teen with significant mental health needs requires teamwork and a holistic approach, parents of applicants with ongoing mental health needs and/or those that have had a crisis in the past year must:

  • submit documentation showing that their daughter is regularly seeing a psychologist or counsellor at least twice a month and

  • either has a psychiatrist or is on the wait list for one, and

  • Ensure that their daughter’s mental health professionals all receive the health form and email it directly from their medical office.

  • Provide a copy of a recent (within 24 months of September 1st, 2019) psychoeducational assessment. (Parents of applicants without a psychoeducational assessment will be asked to provide confirmation of an appointment to have one done with their acceptance package.)

    If your family is one of the many that are on a waitlist for a mental health professional, teens ages 12+ may access free, no health card required, immediate walk-in mental health supports at one of the two Skylark Health walk-in clinic locations near Eglinton and Wellesley Stations. A signed letter from Skylark confirming the dates visited and services accessed are sufficient for application purposes for applicants that do not already have a psychologist, counsellor, or therapist.

    Skylark phone number: 416 482 0081

    Skylark also has a very comprehensive list of crisis support lines and resources on their website, including in home services:

  • In addition, in school at home while in school care may be available through School Support Health Services (SSHS).

    **If your child/teen is in crisis please (please) call 911 and/or go to your nearest emergency room. Skylark is not an emergency or crisis centre.