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All applicants must read the following information:

We welcome applications from qualified, experienced teachers, and applicants with qualifications and experience relevant to the position(s) they are applying for.

Note that the type and number of positions open will only be determined in late spring/early summer. Hiring is based on the needs and best fit with our newly enrolled and returning students. Only a handful of the potential positions listed here will actually be posted (if any).

Email filters have been created to flag and sort applications based on the procedures below. Applicants not following the procedures below will experience delays, may miss out on interview opportunities, or may have their application deleted.

Please respect that Odyssey Heights is a small school and that these requirements are due to our time & focus being first and foremost on our wonderful current & prospective students and their families. It is also a test to see if applicants can follow simple digital organization procedures.

All applicants must:

Email their resume, cover letter, and scans of their qualifications in a single pdf file. Only the address should be used. Files should preferably in OCR screen-reader ready pdfs. With the exception of large files from Google Docs pdf links, no files requiing downloading from external sources such as DropBox, MS Office online, etc will be accepted. The file name must be in the following format:


The date should be the exact date emailed. The subject line of the email should be the same as the file name (without the .pdf)

For example: For a resume sent by Jane Weaver on March 21st, 2019 for middle school French Immersion teacher:

File name: 2019.03.21_Jane.Weaver.07-08.FrenchImmersion.pdf

Email subject line: 2019.03.21_Jane.Weaver.07-08.FrenchImmersion

French/Francophone teachers applying for any position must submit both French and English copies of their resumes and cover letters. These should be in the same/single pdf document.

A large part of any teaching staff position at Odyssey Heights is keeping students organized - including having consistent titles of notes and files. Please demonstrate your ability to do so in your application.

Adobe Acrobat is free for phones and iPads. It can easily create OCR pdfs of multiple documents.

Please note: Admissions information request forms including "" - are not for persons inquiring about career positions, at Odyssey Heights School for Girls. Job applicants using admissions inquiry forms and/or the email for job application purposes will not be invited to an interview.

Email filters have been created to flag and sort applications based on the procedures above. Applications emailed to the principal’s email address will experience delays and may miss out on interview opportunities.

Please respect that Odyssey Heights is a small school and that these requirements are due to our time & focus being first and foremost on our wonderful current & prospective students and their families.


Teaching Positions

With one exception, Odyssey Heights only considers applications for teacher/head teacher positions from OCT qualified teachers. The one exception of Francophone/ French speaking teachers with qualifications/licences from other Canadian provinces/territories, the U.K., Ireland, Europe, or from New Zealand, Australia, or South Africa. Francophone teachers with science and/or social science qualifications are preferred for French Immersion/bilingual classes.

Applicants must have qualifications and experience with the age group/grades they are applying to teach. For all Secondary I positions (grades 9 & 10) I/S qualifications are strongly preferred.

Due to the extensive number of days spent on day and overnight field trips salaries are calculated on a per diem basis and not hourly.

Potential Positions for 2019-2020
Grades 7 & 8 Lead Teacher French Immersion/Bilingual Class
Grades 9 & 10 Head Teacher (I/S)
Grades 9 & 10 French Immersion/Bilingual Class
Grades 7-10 OE3 Head Teacher
Grades 9 & 10 Core French (p/t 0.2-0.4 FTE)
Grades 7-10 OE3 Head Teacher (I/S preferred)
Grades 9 & 10 Math & Science Specialist (p/t 0.2-0.4 FTE)
Grades 7-10 OE3 Head Teacher & Grades 9 & 10 Lead Teacher(I/S preferred) *This position has potentially been filled.
Grades 9 & 10 English/History Teacher ((p/t 0.2-0.4 FTE) I/S preferred)
Grades 7-10 Technological Arts Program Head - Film experience preferred. (I/S preferred)

Newly OCT Qualified Teachers - 3 years or less FTE:

Due to an incredibly poor experience with a newly qualified teacher, and related poor experiences with similar applicants, teachers with OCT and three years or less of full-time/full-time equivalent teaching experience will only be considered for assistant teaching positions, and only for term-by-term contracts (LTO), or a supply position.

All teacher applicants should be motivate first and foremost with supporting OHS students, working as a team with all staff, and developing and maintaining positive, professional, and warm relationships with our students’ families and members of our community at Alliance-Français and the Bloor Street Cultural Corridor/The Annex. This includes both in-person, telephone, and email/social media interactions. There is no place at Odyssey Heights for staff with a sense of entitlement or a “me first” attitude.

Teaching at Odyssey Heights is far different than at a public school (eg TDSB). With the low student to teacher ratio and the new blended teaching and learning model, the focus is on guidance, learning strategies, and ‘pastoral care’, instead of marking and planning. OCT/QECO grids/levels and ETFO/OSSTF/FEESO contract details are not applicable to teaching at Odyssey Heights. Teachers more comfortable with such elements should pursue careers at public/Catholic school boards. Newly qualified teachers will only be considered for permanent career positions with associated benefits after at least two years of excellent performance at Odyssey Heights - including a demonstrated commitment to self-directed, life-long professional development and community service, and a passion for working with our student demographics.

While we regret to have to have these strict hiring and HR policies for newly qualified teachers, the welfare of our students and the development and maintenance of good relations with our community and neighbours is paramount. Any OCT qualified teacher who violates the Ontario College of Teachers ‘Ethical Standards for the Teaching Profession’ of ‘Care, Respect, Trust, and Integrity’ during the hiring process, while working for OHS, or after leaving OHS will be - at a minimum -reported to OCT.

Newly qualified teachers who are passionate about working at Odyssey Heights are encouraged to apply for assistant and supply teaching positions. New teachers willing to put the work, positive attitude, and caring into having a career at Odyssey Heights, could likely find a life-long career position as Odyssey Heights School for Girls/ École pour filles Odyssey Heights grows.

The only exception is teachers who meet the highest standards for OE3 positions including extensive professional experience in outdoor recreation guiding/teaching. This position has likely been filled.

Assistant & Supply Teaching Positions

Child & Youth Workers, Educational Assistants, and Outdoor Educators with applicable certifications (including WFR, Mental Health First Aid, ORCKA xc ski patrol/instructor,…), and applicants with relevant graduate degrees (but no B.Ed/OCT) may submit applications for assistant teaching positions.

Potential Positions for 2019-2020
Grades 7-10 Supply Teacher
Grades 9-10 Part-time LTO
Grades 7-10 Assistant Academic Coach
Grades 7-10 Special Education Assistant
Grades 7-10 Study Hall Academic Coach (hourly)
Grades 7 & 8 Bilingual class assistant
Grades 9 & 10 French Immersion Assistant/Academic Coach.


Co-Extracurricular Positions

Odyssey Heights School for Girls/ École pour filles Odyssey Heights, may, depending on enrolment and student/parent interest hire part-time teachers for the following positions. Industry experience is preferred, and a year-long or term commitment is required. Applicants who are qualified for at least supply teaching positions are preferred.

All positions involve creating a program, being responsible for the program budget, and finding and securing appropriate resources and facilities. Sports coaching positions also involve creating/finding opportunities for competitive and/or exhibition games and competitions (e.g. Small School Athletic League)

Potential Positions for 2019-2020, 2020-2021,…
Technological Arts Club - Film making experience preferred.
Equestrian team coach
Chess club
Board games club
Club de Fracophone/Français
Adventure Racing team/club (inc xc running, orienteering, snow shoe racing, xc ski racing, …)
Downhill skiing/snow boarding club/team
Climbing team/club
Swim club/team (pool and/or open water)
Dance club/competition team
Rowing club/team
Science club and/or Environmental Action club/competition team
Music: Choir, musical theatre, band, rock band, guitar, violin, …
Drama/musical theatre
Field hockey club/team
Ultimate Frisbee club/competition team
Golf club/competition team
Racquet sports: Tennis and/or Badminton and/or Squash and/or Table Tennis club/competition team
Volleyball club/competition team
Rugby and/or Flag Football club/competition team
Hockey (ice and/or floor) club/competition team
Ice skating (figure, pleasure, speed) club/competition team
Soccer club/competition team
4H Club/Guides/ club/competition team
Math club/competition team
Culture & Performing Arts Appreciation Club (visiting arts galleries, musicals, ballets, plays, films, special events)
Visual Arts (painting/3D design) club
AP exams study club(s)
Other co-curriculars


French Translation

Odyssey Heights School for Girls/ École pour filles Odyssey Heights, may, have occasional or part-time positions for admin assistant, communications assistant, admissions assistant, and/or bookkeeping. Like other positions this depends on enrolment. For 2019-2020 if such positions are posted they will be occasional, and may be offered for tender (i.e. self-employed persons). All positions will require working offsite/from home for some/all of the hours.

Potential Positions for 2019-2020, 2020-2021
French translator (for school communications)
Admissions assistant
School office assistant
General office admin
Marketing Assistant - graphic design, SEO, Social media
Communications/PR Assistant