Without a sense of caring there can be no sense of community.
— Anthony J. D'Angelo

We welcome applications from girls without and with IEPs and giftedness. (Yes, we accept girls without special needs/giftedness too who just love the Odyssey Heights experience and meet the criteria below.) Girls have to be academically capable of participating in our enriched curriculum - with appropriate supports and accommodations. They must demonstrate that they will be positive members of our learning community.

Admissions decisions for all girls are based on:

  • intellectual curiosity,

  • above average academic achievement in at least some areas

  • character,

  • kindness and caring for/about others

  • a commitment to taking care of themselves

  • summer camp experience

  • personal interests and hobbies,

  • sports/outdoors/horse experience

  • passion/love of/kindness towards animals

  • reference letters and followup interviews with current/past teachers/principals/coaches, etc.

  • a portfolio of an applicant's work and interests (optional for 2019-2020, but welcome)

  • space and overall fit of the incoming cohort of applicants with each other

  • fit of a student's family with the school community

  • SSAT Character Snapshot (optional for 2019-2020, required for 2020-2021 admissions): https://ssat.org/snapshot. Taking the full SSAT isn’t required to take the Character Snapshot.

  • standardized test scores (Yes, we'll consider them, but SSAT/ISEE/PSAT/SAT/ACT results, ... aren't given much weight)

Girls with IEPs will also have their learning needs and past access/lack of access to appropriate supports considered during the admissions process. Consideration/flexibility on academic achievement will be given to girls who have not had appropriate supports and accommodations at their present school.

A transition program consisting of additional hours and remedial math and/or The Logic of English program is available for girls who are not yet working at grade level due to a previous lack of supports. The program ideally starts in the July term of their entrance year. Please click here for more information on the transition program.