Odyssey Heights School for Girls is the only school east of the Rockies to have curriculum-linked equestrian programs. We offer two equestrian program options. The first is the school-wide, curriculum-linked equestrian program for all students. The second is a speciality high school diploma in ESES - Equine Sciences and Equestrian Studies for students in grades 10-12.

(Please note that priority for admission to the limited enrolment ESES high school program is given to current Odyssey Heights students. There are only 12-14 students in each year of the program. We will be accepting applications for admission to grades 10 and 11 for 2019/20 academic year in fall 2018. After that the only admission point will be grade 10.) 

 One of our elementary students learning how to tack up her horse at country hill farms

One of our elementary students learning how to tack up her horse at country hill farms

School-Wide, Curriculum-linked Equestrian Program for All Students

In keeping with offering engaging, hands-on, integrated, relevant, and challenging curriculum, Odyssey Heights School for Girls has a school-wide equestrian curriculum. The equestrian curriculum is mapped to the Ontario Secondary School curriculum and some AP curriculum expectations, and forms one of the strands in the Montessori Secondary I and II Agriculture and the Environment courses. In addition to horseback riding lessons, trail rides, trips to the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, and overnight trips, our students:

  • Do horse lovers math

  • Use equestrian themed activities and hands-on time with horses to cover curriculum expectations in:

    • French,

    • biology and physics

    • history

    • geography

    • art

    • English language arts

    • Peace and conflict studies

    • Humanities

**NOTE: students who want to focus on horses should apply to the ESES Equine Science and Equestrian Studies high school diploma program which is starting in 2019. Currently enrolled (2018-2019) students are given priority for acceptance.


ESES: Equine Sciences & Equestrian Studies High School Diploma for Grades 10-12

Starting 2019/20 

For girls that are passionate about a career in veterinary, environmental, and biological sciences; equine management; and/or human services (ie teaching, psychology, social work),  - or just crazy about horses and animals - the Equine Sciences and Equestrian Studies program is being created just for them.

The ESES diploma consists of both regular and special "focus" Ontario Secondary School credit courses, AP courses, one to three days at the stables each week, co-op and work placements, and extensive out of province and international travel. Students graduate with their Ontario Secondary School Diploma, at least 2 AP courses, and the Montessori Secondary II Diploma with an ESES speciality. Due to the uniqueness of the ESES program universities are already recruiting our future ESES graduates.

When Odyssey Heights purchases our northern farm campus  (in 2022-2026) semesters in boarding at the farm will also be part of the program.

Please view the prospectus for details on our future Northern Campus: Equestrian & OE3 Centre