ESES: Equine Science & Equestrian Studies Secondary School Diploma Program Option

Grades 10-12/Ages 15-18

Starting 2019-2020.

Spend 1-3 days each week at a horse farm working with trainers, veterinarians, riding instructors, and breeders, while taking custom University Preparation and University/College Preparation Ontario Secondary Credit Courses only available at Odyssey Heights School for Girls.

ESES students graduate with their Ontario Secondary School Diploma, Montessori Secondary II Diploma, Two (or more) AP courses, and the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.


The only equestrian high school diploma program in Eastern Canada...

For girls that are passionate about a career in veterinary, environmental, and biological sciences; equine management; and/or human services (ie teaching, psychology, social work),  - or just crazy about horses and animals - the Equine Sciences and Equestrian Studies program is being created just for them.

The ESES diploma consists of:

  • Grade 10 Green Technologies Open with over 50% of the course focusing on agribusiness - equine management
  • New grade 11 and 12 "green technologies" focus courses in agribusiness - equine management University/College Preparation (THA3MH/4MH), (Ontario Secondary School credit courses
  • Ontario Secondary School courses dedicated to ESES students (eg careers, Grade 10 Science - Academic, English, Biology, ...)
  • AP courses (Environmental Science, Biology, and/or English)
  • One to three days at the stables/with horses or other equines each week,
  • Co-op and/or work placements,
  • Two interdisciplinary studies courses, and
  • Extensive out of province and international travel.

When Odyssey Heights purchases our northern farm campus (in 2022-2026), ESES students will spend one to three terms per year in boarding at the farm, with their "own" dedicated horse to look after and ride. ESES students who already own their own horse, may be able to board it at the Odyssey Heights farm while they live in the boarding house on the northern campus. (Veterinarian and stable manager approval will be required.)

The University of Connecticut has already met with Ms. Elizabeth about recruiting our graduates for their science, pre-vet, equestrian, and environmental degree programs. (UConn has horses on campus and a residence associated with their student run farm!)