Tuition & Fees

Tuition includes: All overnight & day trips, school-wide equestrian program, small class (4-8) DELF French lessons, fitness (rock climbing, ice skating, Nordic Walking, …)


Tuition Grades 7-10: $27,825

One Time Fees for New Students

Application Fee $125

Enrolment Fee $2,950

Graduation Award Fee $750.00 

    • Students who graduate from Odyssey Heights have $1,000/student put into the graduating class budget for their student planned grad trip to France.

    • The graduation awards fee is due for all new OHS students, both full-time and part-time.

Sibling Discounts:

  • $500 off of the last tuition payment for the second sister/twin.

  • $500 off of the enrolment fee for second sibling and for both twins.

Payment Plans for New Students

All New Students - First Payment at Enrollment

  • First sibling: $8,525

  • Second sibiling: $8025

  • Each twin if both twins are enrolling at OHS: $8025

(includes the one time enrollment fee, one time graduation awards fee ($750), and $4,825 tuition)

Standard Payment Plan:

  • 1st payment (at enrolment): as above

  • 4 further payments of $5,750 due on April 15th, June 15th, August 15, October 15th

  • Catch up payments equaling any missed payments to date are due:

    • within 7 days of enrollment for students enrolling after April 15th, 2019 but before June 1st, 2019.

    • at enrolment for students enrolling after June 1st, 2019

Monthly Payment Plan:

  • 1st payment (at enrolment): as above

  • 8 further payments of $2,960 due on the 15th of every month starting April 15th, 2019 to December 15th, 2019.

  • Catch up payments equaling any missed payments to date are due:

    • within 7 days of enrolment for students enrolling after April 15th, 2019 but before June 1st, 2019

    • at enrolment for students enrolling after June 1st, 2019

Full Payment/Discount Plan:

Full tuition & fees paid in one payment on or before April 15, 2019

  • $500 discount on first child/twin off of tuition

  • A further $250 on second child/twin off of tuition (in addition to the standard $500 sibling discount)

  • ALL fees (except art supplies, and student council fees) to be paid by this date: Tuition, enrolment, graduation awards fee, trip transportation, Friday meals, interactive notebooks for Middle School.

    • First Sibling

      • Grades 9 & 10: $33,550 - 500 = $33,050

      • Grades 7 & 8: $33,880 - $500 = $33,380

  • Please contact for details on discount payment plans for second siblings & both twins.

International Students and/or Wire Transfer Payments from Overseas Bank Accounts

Full tuition and fees are due at enrolment for all international students and/or for families paying via wire transfer from overseas bank accounts (including the USA).

In addition, within 30 days of enrolment, and not less than 21 days before the first day of school, international students (including Canadian citizens recently moved back to Canada) must provide proof of: basic, extended, and travel health medical insurance, Ontario Equestrian Federation Membership* and proof of access to a private psychologist, and/or other professional mental health supports. (Mental health supports can include equine therapy by a social worker, psychologist, MA psychology,..). “Waiting for OHIP to be active” is not acceptable for proof of insurance.

*Ontario Equestrian Federation Membership* includes $5,000,000 personal liability insurance.


Fees & Costs for New Students

These are one time fees and costs for new students

Application Fee $125

Enrolment Fee 

    • All students: 

      • $2,950.00 (First sibling), 

      • $2,450 (second and subsequent sibling)

      • $2,450 (Both twins)

Graduation Award Fee: $750.00 

    • Students who graduate from Odyssey Heights receive $1,000/student into the graduating class budget for their student planned grad trip to France.

    • This fee is due for all new OHS students, both full-time and part-time.


UNIFORM: School Uniform +Outdoor/Fitness Uniform+ Equestrian Uniform

Costs vary widely depending on student choices for their equestrian and outdoor uniforms. (e.g. $900 riding boots instead of $150 riding boots, $200 black rain boots instead of $65 rain boots, …)

Estimated cost: $2,500-3,500+ for all uniform items, including winter outerwear, and horseback riding apparel/personal safety equipment.

    • Costs for some items can be spread out over the school year and do not have to be purchased before October/November. (eg winter uniform items - black turtleneck with school logo, winter riding mittens, winter riding breeches/tights)

    • Parents can now purchase the school tartan uniform items online from Heritage of Scotland. (kilt, scarf, ballet flat formal shoes, gloves, slippers,…) online

    • *School tartan items must be ordered 3-4+ months in advance of school start date to avoid stock issues. The fabric comes from a small Scottish mills and popular kilt sizes tend to sell out around school start dates. Families ordering late may have to purchase a much larger size and have it altered.

    • We are currently consulting with one of our suppliers to have an online shop for most of the more casual & sports uniform pieces (polos, sports wear, spring/summer uniform shorts/skorts,..)

Admissions fee payment credit cards.jpeg

Payment Methods

Interac e-transfer, major credit cards (Amex, Visa, MasterCard) via Plastiq, wire transfers, cash/cash deposit at any RBC branch,

For the connivence of parents, Odyssey Heights School for Girls accepts a variety of payment methods. As OHS has an almost completely paper free school office, electronic payment methods are strongly preferred and recommended.

  • Interact e-transfer

  • Credit Card Payments

  • Wire Transfer

  • Directly (in person) deposit at any RBC Branch

  • Cash

Interact e-transfer to:

  • Automatically deposited, no need for a password

  • E-transfer and credit card are the only payment methods accepted for application fees (2019-2020 regular fee is: $125)

  • Families should make note of their bank’s maximum daily e-transfer limit when planning payment dates as this often in the $1,000-$2,000 range.

**The student council fee is to be directly e-transferred into the student council account. Payment details will be available summer 2019.

Credit card payments via Plastiq

  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, Debit, are accepted for nearly all Plastiq payments

  • Earn rewards and travel miles on your credit card (depending on your card’s benefits/reward program).

    • Some families have found that paying for school tuition and fees on their rewards credit card pays for all or a significant portion of their family vacation.

  • Set up recurring payments for monthly tuition, so you don’t have to remember every month, and/or single future payments.

  • To pay with MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express using Plastiq, go to

    Please note you will have to create an account and that payments may take 2-3 business days to process. A Plastiq service fee will be applied (2.5% for credit cards, 1% for debit cards).

  • **Note that it can take up to 3 or 4 business days for a payment to be processed and deposited in the school’s bank account. Families should therefor keep this in mind when paying fees, and make payments at least 4 business days prior to the due date. Payments received 48 hours or more late into the school bank account are charged late fees.

  • Is Plastiq secure?

    Absolutely – Plastiq implements top of the line security measures to ensure the protection of both our application and your financial information. Plastiq is certified compliant to the highest level of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).

Deposit directly into the school bank account at any RBC branch

For security reasons, RBC requires all deposits to be done with a school deposit form.

  • Please contact the school for the deposit form.


  • please contact the principal for details.


  • For security reasons we ask that parents only pay by cash at the end of the school day, and only after sending a text letting the school know that they are planning to bring cash.

Cheques are not accepted.

  • recurring payments for the monthly payment plan can be set up via credit card payments on our Plastiq online payment portal.


Other Fees & Costs

Includes: uniform, personal sports and outdoor equipment, meals (Fridays), transportation, Student Council fee,

All Students

overview of required additional costs & fees for all students.

Please scroll down for details and dates.

  • Uniforms (Total cost vary greatly, especially depending on equestrian items chosen):

    • School/in Toronto,

      • The fall/winter #1 dress uniform worn on Tuesday to Thursday is essentially the equestrian uniform with a school tartan kilt added. Students wear either their solid black riding pants, or solid black leggings under the kilt.

      • The fall/winter #2 dress (casual Monday) uniform is a school sweat shirt, polo shirt, solid black leggings(e.g. Lululemon), the school tartan kilt, and Bass Weejuns black penny loafers.

    • Equestrian,

    • OE3/Fitness/Outdoor

  • School Council Activity Fee: $340

  • Visual & Fibre Arts Starter Kit Fee: $95-$150 

  • Transportation Fee: $1,475

  • Meals Fee: $550 (Friday meals)

  • Personal funds for lunches 2 times/month at the Royal Ontario Museum Cafe ($10-$20/day).

  • OE3 and Fitness Personal Equipment. Can vary greatly depending on items chosen and if families choose to rent or purchase the larger items (eg xc ski package, winter sleeping bag)

    • Costs can be spread out over the school year as not all items are required in September

    • For example:

      • The required winter sleeping bag for the December and April trips can be either purchased or rented from MEC (Mountain Equipment Coop)

      • Rock climbing gear (shoes, harness, chalk bag & chalk) isn’t required until March 2020, and can be purchased from MEC or rented from Basecamp Climbing.

School Council Activity Fee: $340 

    • This covers the costs of the student planned POGO (Project Or Going Out) days. Students learn to organize and budget for special events. 

    • This fee is paid separately from other fees and is e-transferred and auto-deposited to the Student Council’s bank account.

Visual & Fibre Arts Starter Kit Fee: $95-$150 

    • Due August 1st for all students. Exact cost and items included will depend on students interests and costs of visual & fibre arts materials in summer 2019. (Note that fibre arts materials, especially tools are very susceptible to fluctuations in international markets.)

Trip Transportation Fee: $1,475 

OE3 and Fitness Personal Equipment. As some of our students families already have personal outdoor equipment students have the option of using their own, purchasing new, or renting. The costs can be spread out through the school year as not all items are required in September, or even the first term. All OE3 gear will be inspected and must meet minimum criteria and safety standards. A full, itemized and detailed list will be provided to families in late spring, and will include:

  • Travel yoga mat

  • Nordic Walking poles & a few accessories

  • xc ski package

  • ice skates, uniform skate covers, CSM approved helmet

  • snowshoes (most families will opt to rent)

  • personal camp kitchen (mug, spork, bowl)

  • Backpack, MEC duffel bag

  • Summer/3 season sleeping bag

  • Winter sleeping bag, liner & wool blanket

  • Rock climbing harness, chalk bag, and shoes (Rentals are available from Basecamp Climbing, but purchasing means a better fit.) Around March Break 2020.

Optional DELF French exam fees:

Please see Alliance-Français for current fees.

Middle School Only

Grades 7 & 8: Rigid Heddle Weaving loom kit. Approximately $500.

    • Due Feb 1st, 2020 for spring term visual arts course

Grades 7 & 8: Interactive Notebooks (INBs)/Interactive Sketchbooks (ISBs)

  • $55 x 6* = $330. 

  • $220 due August 1st, 2019.

  • $110 due December 1st, 2019

  • *Six courses use INB/ISB: Geography/History, all 3 Science courses, Visual Art, and Health & Human Body Systems.

Grades 7 &  8 Virtual Elementary School (VES) Math & Language Arts Course Fees:

    • Full-time students. Included in tuition for full-time students

    • Part-time students:

      • Four days per week: parents are responsible for the VES course fee for Language ($399)

      • Two or three days per week: parents are responsible for the VES course fee for both Math and Language ($399)/course

      • Fees are paid directly to VES

Secondary I Only

  • Grades 9-12: Independent Learning Centre Course Fees

    2019-2020: Note that Odyssey Heights is in discussion with Blyth Academy Online to partner with them for our credit courses, as the process is simpler and Blyth offers a greater choice of courses than the ILC. If an agreement with Blyth Academy Online is reached for fall 2019, families will not pay $40/course to the ILC and will not need the additional paperwork required by the ILC. Instead, a $575 additional tuition fee will be paid by August 15th directly to Odyssey Heights.

  • 2020-2021: Costs for Ontario Secondary School credit courses thoughwill be included in tuition fees.

Optional Weaving & Spinning Fibre Arts Kits:

Weaving and spinning are excellent mindfulness activities, and are highly recommended for girls interested in careers in the arts, physics, computer science, dentistry, medicine (surgery), art therapy, physiotherapy, and engineering. Weaving and spinning teaches patterning and coding, mechanics, creativity, design, project planning, and fine motor skills. All fibre arts have cognitive benefits for those with dyslexia, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and some learning disabilities.

Grades 9 & 10:

$500 Rigid Heddle weaving loom package for may be offered that are interested in learning weaving or wheel spinning.

  • Note: *The Rigid Heddle Weaving Loom package is required for Grades 7 & 8 for the visual and fibre arts course in spring. (Fee due Feb 01, 2020.)

All Grades:

$850-$1,000 portable spinning wheel kit - fits in a bag/backpack

**Students can take this on the overnight trips, use it during Fibre Arts Club times, bring it to the ROM, and on some Friday day trips.

This is an excellent way to learn Newtonian physics and math (ratios, fractions)!

Click here to view a YouTube video on how a spinning wheel can fold into a case.

Varies: Additional fibre arts materials (yarn, spinning fibre, tools,..)

Note: Students get a 10% discount on almost all supplies and tools at Romni Wools (Queen west of Bathurst, & Stockyards/Weston Road)

RedCanoe Algonquin Morning.jpg


Students are encouraged, but not required to enrol for July term. Depending on enrollment numbers, girls not currently enrolled at Odyssey may be accepted into July term.

July Term 2020

July term is optional, but highly recommended for Odyssey Heights students. It is a time to finish coursework, to work on mastering skills, and to keep their brains working in the summer. Our holidays in Fall, Winter, and Spring terms are extended to facilitate modified year round schooling, but not “burn out” students.

Having school in the summer means that students can enjoy learning opportunities not easily available during September to early June. These include a summer canoe trip, local festivals, yoga in the park, summer hiking and optional mountain biking, and academic classes/Harkness discussions out of doors.

July is a great time for students to do additional practice in their DELF French to prepare for taking a Diploma exam in early fall.

Thursday, July 2nd to Thursday July 30th


  • DELF French,

  • Academics & Learning Strategies

  • Weekly ROM Trips

  • Fibre Arts Lessons

  • 6 Day Trip to Algonquin: Canoeing, Camping

OHS Students Tuition Fee: $2,750

External Students Tuition Fee: $2,895

Further Details on July Term will be published in Fall, 2019.

ISSLC Dancer. 2nd alonge8.JPG

Part-Time Studies

A very limited number of part-time spaces are available. The highest priority for admissions is students who are pre-professional dancers, or elite athletes, as this fits our mission as a school for gifted and talented students.

Part-Time Tuition: $15,250-$24,750

Please contact for details. A very limited number of part-time spaces are available. The focus at Odyssey Heights is on full-time studies with some support for students who require a more flexible schedule. Families should note that, with one exception (the $24,750 part-time options), tuition for part-time studies does not include all overnight trips. A $1,200 to $1,750 additional fee is charged for students to attend all 6 overnight OE3 trips. Students are expected to attend all days and trips that they are enrolled for.

Priorities for admissions part-time studies are, in order of priority:

  1. Students who are pre-professional dancers, or elite athletes;

  2. Current home schooling families looking to transition to an independent school - especially for their OSSD;

  3. Families looking to enrol two or more daughters in the same year.

Offers of admission to full-time applicants are given priority. Applications for part-time studies for students with IEP needs for ADHD and executive functioning skills will not be accepted.

there are no sibling tuition discounts for part-time studies