Bilingual Graduates

Small French classes with 4-10 students,

French taken in all grades

Student-Planned Graduation Trip to France.

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Canada is a bilingual country. Even though all students in Ontario take over 700 hours of French instruction, few graduate able to function fluently en français. At Odyssey Heights we're changing that...

At Odyssey Heights School for Girls students take a French assessment in their first week of school. Based on that assessment, (and IEPs if applicable) students are grouped into small seminar classes of 4 to 10 students with similar levels of French language ability. Students with gaps in their French knowledge, international ESL students, or those with IEPs who require additional support would be in smaller, more supportive French seminars. Those with a typical knowledge level from Ontario core French will be in an academic level seminar. Students from a francophone family or from an immersion program have the option of additional private French instruction and/or online French immersion credit courses.

French instruction is a combination of weekly semi-private French lessons, online credit courses, and self-paced Rosetta Stone work.

After the required Ministry of Education's required grade 9 French course, Odyssey Heights students continue to work on their French skills by continuing with French credit courses and/or participating conversational French classes or exam prep courses. Students have a reason to continue to work on their French fluency as the final OE3 trip at Odyssey Heights School for Girls is a student planned trip to France.