Bilingual Graduates

Small French classes with 4-8 students,

French taken throughout the year in all grades

France’s Ministry of Education’s engaging FSL curriculum exceeds Ontario curriculum requirements

Optional Internationally recognized French language diplomas

Student-Planned Graduation Trip to France.

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Canada is a bilingual country. Even though all students in Ontario take over 700 hours of French instruction, few graduate able to function fluently en français. At Odyssey Heights we're changing that...

Starting in 2019-2020 all Odyssey Heights students will be taking 3 hours a week of small group French lessons at Alliance-Français. Alliance Française de Toronto is the only officially accredited centre in the GTA to hold examinations endorsed by the French government’s Ministry of Education and to deliver the internationally recognized DELF/DALF French language diplomas.

The evaluation criteria of these diplomas is consistent with the Global Scale of Linguistic Competencies designed by the European Council. At each level, the following four skills are evaluated: listening, speaking, reading and writing. While writing the examinations is optional students are encouraged and supported to take the exams. French classes follow the DELF French curriculum set by the France Ministry of Education.

Students take a placement test administered by Alliance-Français at the beginning of the year to ensure that they are placed in an appropriate level. In addition to the school day French classes, parents have the option to enrol their daughters in private, semi-private, or group French classes after school, and/or to attend one or more of the wonderful French language and culture events at Alliance-Français in the evenings and weekends.

Students have a reason to continue to work on their French fluency as the final OE3 trip at Odyssey Heights School for Girls is a student planned trip to France.