Future Northern Farm Campus:

Equestrian & OE3 Centre, and Boarding School

Horse.Northern Campus.Red Barn.jpg




Between 2022 and 2026 Odyssey Heights School for Girls will be acquiring a 100-200+ acre farm between North Bay and Sudbury, close to Algonquin, French River, and Killarney Parks, and the Georgian Bay UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

Our farm campus will be the home base for the OE3 program including the equestrian curriculum. All students will be able to experience farm life (including daily chores and cooking), and to care for “their own” horse during the 2-8+ weeks a year they spend at the Northern Campus focusing on their equestrian skills.

Once the boarding house is built, our Northern Ontario Farm Campus will also provide all students in grades 7 and up with an option to stay in boarding for all or part of a school year.

Crops and livestock will focus on heritage breeds (such as the Canadian Horse breed, and Icelandic chickens) to both support genetic biodiversity, and to teach students about genetics. Students will have the option of designing, building, then sleeping in a bunkie and/or tiny house (50-100 square feet) as part of an Ontario credit course.

In addition to equestrian facilities, the northern campus will, over time, be adding:

  • a weaving and fibre arts studio with spinning wheels and larger weaving looms,

  • a small herd of heritage breed sheep (so we have our own source of wool for the fibre arts studio)

  • one or more Border Collie herding dogs (to heard the sheep),

  • an art studio including a kiln for pottery and ceramics,

  • indoor and/or outdoor swimming pool(s), dance and fitness studio(s),

  • hiking/xc skiing/snowshoeing trails, playing fields, tennis court(s),

  • a traditional Finnish sauna,

  • a woodworking shop

  • green technologies (solar and/or wind),

  • a colony of rescued cats to keep the barn free of mice,

  • a small herd of milk goats for cheese making, and

  • a flock of heritage breed chickens for fresh eggs.