What IEP Needs Odyssey Heights

Supports & Accommodates

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Supports & Accommodations

Who we support & accommodate

Odyssey Heights provides a supportive, welcoming, and enriched learning community. We specialize in supporting and inspiring, kind, well-behaved girls with giftedness - particularly those who benefit from individualized learning, lower student to teacher ratio, and love the outdoors and horses. We value the uniqueness of gifted girls who also need supports for dyslexia, ADHD, anxiety, mild/treated depression, and some learning disabilities (e.g. short-term memory, executive functioning).

Odyssey Heights has IEP Supports and Accommodates For:

  • Giftedness

  • Test/Math anxiety

  • General anxiety/perfectionism

  • Moderate social anxiety (cares a lot about what others think, is likely emotionally gifted)

  • Depression (mild/not in crisis)

  • Dyslexia/dysgraphia

  • ADHD,

  • Learning Disabilities (eg short term memory)


Accommodations Only

Odyssey Heights Accommodates (within reason), But Doesn't Have In-School Supports For:

  • Some common medical conditions (migraines, severe period pains, type 1 diabetes,)

  • Some allergies 

  • Injuries (sprains, breaks, ...)

  • Concussions (acute/during the school year)

    • There is a strict return to school/activities policy on concussions. It currently going through the annual review.

  • Wisdom teeth/dental surgery recovery

  • temporary family issues: e.g. death in the family (including a pet), illness, moving,

  • physical illness: students who are contagious must stay home, and work remotely - including video conferencing.

  • Offsite/supportive homeschooling for enrolled students who experience an unforeseen trauma during the school year/summer.

    • E.g. If one of our full-time students witnesses a terrible accident/death/violent event and has PTSD from it, we will support her education remotely while she is recovering. (This may include video conferencing, at home/in hospital academic coaching.) 

physical & Mental Health & Safety Policy

OHS is The only school that has medically based policies in place to ensure both a physically and a mentally safe learning environment for all students

Odyssey Heights School for Girls/École pour filles Odyssey Heights is the only school in the GTHA that requires all students to have regular access to mental health supports* - just like we require students to have a family doctor, dentist, and eye doctor, and provide yearly doctor completed physical health forms, proof of vaccinations. This ensures that girls in their sensitive teen years have someone to talk to and someone to catch any potential issues early - before they become a crisis* and/or a negative issue in the school community. Our students are physically and mentally healthy and safe.

For students without IEPs for anxiety or depression, or those with anxiety/depression who are successful graduates of therapy programs, it's as simple as a 10-20 minute "checking in and checking up" appointment once a month. This catches any potential mental health issues early, and will greatly help prevent an enrolled student developing a mental health crisis that impacts herself and her learning community. Regular mental health supports also help destigmatize mental health needs, and provide girls with life skills in managing their health (and also the ability to help/encourage friends access care). For girls who are very mentally healthy appointments can be used to further develop skills that will serve them well in stressful times though out their life.

Free, walk-in, no health card required, counselling/mental health check ups are available at Skylark clinics at Yonge and Eglinton (under Northern District Library) and 65 Wellsely Street East. Parents can also drop in to Skylark to talk about and learn about teen mental health.

*Did you know that Mental Health Supports can include equine therapy ! (The program must be done with a registered counsellor, nurse, or social worker)

Gifted students dealing with general/test/performance anxiety, and/or those with mild-moderate depression who have not developed successful habits will require more supports. A mental health supports plan will be worked out with families as part of the enrollment process.

Odyssey Heights is NOT a school for Troubled Teens!

When seeing that we support girls with anxiety and depression, several moms were concerned that their gifted, sensitive, horse loving daughters would be in a class with girls who are troubled, at risk, abuse drugs and/or alcohol, or have suicidal thoughts. 

The answer is a definitive NO! 

The safety of our community members is paramount. Girls who are at risk of harming themselves or others 
cannot be accepted at Odyssey Heights. All students must be academically and socially capable of being positive members of the learning community at Odyssey Heights. Aggressive, disruptive, or violent behaviours are not tolerated and will result in immediate suspension, most likely expulsion, and potentially legal consequences.