International Students and Out of Province Canadian Students

Odyssey Heights School for Girls welcomes applicants from around the world and across Canada. A summary of the services and supports, ESL program, and homestay is below. For more detailed information, and an international student application package please email our principal and director Ms. Elizabeth:


Services and Supports for International Students and Out of Province Canadian Students

Odyssey Heights School for Girls works hard to help our international students have a safe, happy, and positive Canadian education. We assist our students in shopping for their school uniform including regular, dance and fitness, equestrian, and OE3 (outdoor) uniform, plus all shoes, and boots. We can arrange for daily or special occasion professional “chauffeur for kids” transportation to and from Odyssey Heights School and a student’s homestay. All the tuition and fees charged directly by OHS can either be paid via wire transfer, or online with Plastiq credit card payments to the school. Uniform items can be paid for online. Every international student has two “big sisters” - older girls that help international students adjust to life in Canada.

We highly recommend that our international students join the optional Friday Afternoon Social Club and/or Breakfast Club to practice their conversational English - and to make new, lifelong friends.


Learning English as a Second Language at Odyssey Heights

The ESL program at Odyssey Heights School provides our international students with the skills to succeed both in school, and in life in Canada. Many ESL programs focus on just reading and writing - leaving students at a disadvantage in making English speaking friends, and in truly understanding and communicating in English like a native speaker. During the afternoon and morning work periods ESL students have private and small group ESL lessons focused on the vocabulary they need for academics. The low student to teacher ratio of 10:1 means that classroom teachers have plenty of time to help ESL students. When the other students are having their weekly English seminars, international students have ESL seminars with fewer than 5 students in a class.


Homestay Program at Odyssey Heights

The Homestay program at Odyssey Heights School for Girls is an essential cultural and language learning experience for our international students. It provides our girls an opportunity to become part of a Canadian family and to practice conversational English every day. OHS international students are matched with a caring Toronto family based on their interests, personalities, and distance to Odyssey Heights. All hosts are carefully screened, including reference checks, criminal record checks and interviews.

For out of province or out of area Canadian students, the homestay program provides a warm, family "home away from home" living. Students experience Toronto life as our day students do. Their parents are reassured that their daughters are living with other responsible parents.

Odyssey Heights School for Girls is partnered with the Canadian Homestay Network for our homestay program. The Canada Homestay Network is a family-run, non-profit society. Over the years CHN has served tens of thousands of students from more than seventy countries, individually and in groups, aged 10 to 75. Homestay Toronto Limited (HTL) was founded by the Wilson family in 1995. Canada Homestay International was launched in 2000, to focus on the experience of international high school students and groups. CHN has matched tens of thousands of students with homestay families over the past 22 years.

CHN's social and environmental responsibility values match with Odyssey Heights'. Just like Odyssey Heights CHN has reduced their paper usage to be almost completely digital, They use car share services like Car2Go (just like OHS staff does for errands), and are actively involved in humanitarian projects.

To make fee payments easy, Odyssey Heights School collects the homestay program fees for international and out of province families when they pay their school tuition and fees.