Learning & Wellness Centre

Programs at Odyssey Heights Learning and Wellness Centre are open to both the general public and to Odyssey Heights School for Girls students and their families. Both boys and girls are welcome to attend.

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Academic Coaching 

Academic coaching is “a working partnership that focuses on the ‘process of learning.' Together with a professional [academic] coach, students examine their learning styles, habits of working, and current difficulties or barriers to success”.

Academic coaching helps students become more independent in their learning. It develops study and organizational skills, and improves executive functioning. As health and wellness are an essential part of academic success, assisting students in their health and wellness (sleep habits, exercise, mindfullness/yoga, eating habits and schedule,) is part of academic coaching. Neuroplasticity activities - such as cursive handwriting practice (occasionally with one eye covered), knitting, weaving, The Logic of English and The Rhythum of Handwriting programs - are also frequently included.

A combination of “traditional” paper, pen/pencil methods, hands-on materials (especially Montessori), and 21st C digital learning methods and tools are used. Parents and students can expect the first few sessions to be focused more on academic coaching, than subject specific tutoring, as this allows students to get organized and for both the student and the tutor to use teaching and learning methods that work best for that particular student.


Health & Fitness for Students

Health is critical to academic success. When student regularly get sufficient sleep, daily exercise, and are eating a healthy, balanced diet, and not skipping meals, their grades improve - often by as much as an enitre letter grade.


Subject Specific Tutoring

Tutoring is customized, subject specific teaching and learning. It and often involves additional practice and/or alternative teaching and learning methods to what is being used in the student’s classroom. For students in grades K-8 this often includes supervised homework time.