Tuition and Fees Overview

*Please fill out the application package request above for payment plan, full tuition, fees, and entrance awards information.

At Odyssey Heights School for Girls we aim to make each new school year as easy as possible for families by doing much of the back to school shopping (everything from books, to notebooks and pencils, to school backpacks), including trips and activities in tuition, by providing convenient payment methods, and taking care of school meals.

Three payment plans are available:

  1. Regular
  2. Discounted Early or Single Payment
  3. Monthly

Monthly payments are also available for the meals fee. Meals include lunch, plus second breakfast and afternoon snack.

All overnight trips included in tuition

All overnight trips are included in tuition. 

  • 25+ days for Grades 3-5
  • 30+ days for grade 6
  • 35+ days for grades 7-12

OHS does the back to school supplies shopping, and school meals for families

The Back to School Shopping fee mean that families don’t have to shop for books, back to school supplies, OE3 or fitness personal equipment, or technology requirements. As we purchase in bulk for our students often the prices are much less than retail - even with back to school sales.

For hygiene, and health & safety some equipment is not shared. Also, because of OHS’s very active outdoor and fitness programs many suppliers have given us special prices (often 25-50% off retail). When we purchase items in bulk for all students we can pass the savings on to parents, and families don’t have to do the shopping. This also lets us ensure that students have high quality personal equipment and clothing that will keep them safe in the outdoors. Includes: Yoga mat, mat bag, school backpack, 4 season sleeping bag, sleeping pad, OE3 uniform sun hat, OE3 uniform jacket and winter parka, rain gear, water bottles, hiking/nordic walking poles, emergency kit, monocular or binoculars (for astronomy, science, and art), compass, and more. Grades 6 and up have winter camping gear included. Mandatory Sorel winter boots are not included.

Grades 3-5 fee includes: New girl uniform package, OE3 personal equipment & uniform, personal fitness gear,  iPad 6th Generation with Apple Pencil, Raspberry Pi computer, robotics kits, all books/ebooks, notebooks, pencils, personal art supplies, apps, digital music keyboard, and more.

Grades 6-10 fee includes: New girl uniform package, OE3 personal equipment & uniform, personal fitness gear an iPad Pro, iPod Touch, Raspberry Pi computer, robotics kits, all books/ebooks, pencils, pens, personal art supplies, apps, digital music keyboard, and more.

**New iPads are purchased every two years. New Raspberry Pi computer components and robotics kit components are purchased every 1-2 years depending on a student’s courses, and each year’s POGO week program needs.


The catered lunch, second breakfast, and snack fee means parents don't have to prepare school lunches. As meals are eaten together family style with teachers and students parents are assured that their daughters are eating healthy balanced meals twice a day at school.


  • Tuition includes: all OE3 overnight trips (food, accommodations, and activities); most day field trips; the equestrian program*; small group music, and French classes; and private and semi-private ESL during the school day for international students.
    • *Please note that the equestrian program is not a "co-curricular"/after school program. Rather it is both part of the Ontario Secondary School credits in Healthy Active Living and Outdoor Activities, as well as some of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) curriculum. For example JSLC students do the "Horse Lover's Math" program, while MSLC students have math word problems based on riding and equine science.
  • Families do not have to hire tutors as all school work is done with teacher supervision in afternoon work periods. If a student needs additional individual academic support it’s provided at school, and (unless there are exceptional circumstances) is included in tuition.
  • A tuition discount is available for the younger of two siblings or for early tuition payment at registration.
  • Three payment plans are available: regular, early, and monthly. Tuition payment schedules and options are provided with the application package.
  • A variety of Entrance Awards are available and are listed in the application package.

2019-2020 Tuition and Fees for new students will be avaliable late summer 2018.