OSSD: Ontario Secondary School Diploma


Starting in 2019, all Ontario Secondary School credit courses, as well as grades 7 & 8 language, math, and science will be offered via online courses. Work will be completed in school with Odyssey Heights teachers coaching each student. Students can work at their own pace - including working though a course at the same pace as one or more of their classmates. We have found that our students need a high degree of flexibility in both attendance and pace of courses. For example, gifted girls with anxiety and depression need enrichment and the option to work at a faster pace in their courses, but they miss a significant number of school days due to mental health and medical/therapy appointments.

Grades 7 & 8 Language, Math & Science courses are provided by Virtual Elementary School (VES). Grades 9-12 credit courses are provided by The Independent Learning Centre (ILC). Both VES and ILC courses adhere to Ontario Ministry of Education requirements with ILC courses covering all pathways to graduation with the OSSD. The program at Odyssey Heights is focussed on university preparation, but our students are free to take both open and college level courses for interest and to meet OSSD requirements.

ILC courses are offered in English or French immersion, through an independent distance education model.  Student work in ILC courses are marked by ILC teachers with Odyssey Heights teachers as each student’s learning coach. Girls take two Ontario courses per term which decreases anxiety, increases focus, and allows for accelerated pacing for gifted students. This delivery model also allows grade 9s who have holes in their math education to take a grade 8 review course before starting grade 9 math.

Examples of ILC Ontario Credit Course Outlines

The following are examples of ILC Ontario credit course outlines from the 2017-2018 school year, for courses that will be available for grades 9 & 10 at Odyssey Heights in 2019-2020. ILC courses are well organized with 20 lessons per course. All materials for courses are online though students’ ILC account. Odyssey Heights School teachers guide students in their time management and organizational skills, and provide a regular weekly structure and enrichment. ILC course teachers are available via email to cover subject area specific knowledge and skills, as well as marking and providing feedback on assessments.