1. allows students at our small school to have Ontario Certified (OCT) specialist online teachers for every credit course

  2. REACH Ahead credits for middle school

  3. Over 100 Awesome Ontario Credit Courses to choose from

  4. Two Secondary School Diplomas: OSSD, and OHS or Honours OHS

  5. Seamless transition from middle school to secondary school.

Our partnership with Blyth Academy Online allows students at our small school to have Ontario Certified (OCT) specialist online teachers for every credit course, with OHS teachers guiding and academic coaching students individually and in small groups according to their unique learning needs. Odyssey Heights students can choose from over 100 Secondary School credit courses

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A 21st C Team Teaching Partnership.

Why partner with an online school, and why Blyth Academy Online?

As a small school with students who need a very low student to teacher ratio it would be impossible for Odyssey Heights to have specialist teachers for every subject and to offer a wide range of Ontario Secondary School credit courses. Partnering with a well respected and well established independent online school allows OHS student to have OCT certified specialist teachers in all their credit courses, to select from over 100 credit course options, and to have two teachers for every course - one online, and one in person guiding and supporting them in their unique learning needs.

Blyth Academy Online is an academically respected private online high school in Ontario offering more than 100 online Ontario Secondary School credit courses. Their comprehensive curriculum and engaging content, combined with their empathetic teaching and guidance staff ensure that their student success rate is unsurpassed.


Partnering with Blyth Academy Online also allows our Middle School students to take Reach Ahead secondary school credit courses in grade 8 - based on their achievement in grade 7. We are currently discussing having OHS students, who have good performance in grade 7, take Grade 10 Visual Arts: Fashion and Textiles, and Grade 9 English in grade 8. Francophone or DELF B.1/B.2 level French students may also be able to take their Grade 9 Academic French credit in grade 8. Highly gifted/advanced grade 7s may also be allowed to take Reach Ahead credits based on the approval of the BAO principal.


In addition to the core subjects such as math, science, English, French, Blyth Academy Online has a wide range of engaging credit courses that even some large independent schools don’t offer. Some of the awesome credit courses that BAO offers include:


Partnering with a respected, established online school also allows 21st Century team teaching. Blyth teachers design each Secondary School credit course in accordance with Ministry of Education requirements, provide subject specific feedback, do all the marking, and schedule exams. This frees up OHS teachers to academic coach each student individually and small groups. Odyssey Heights and Blyth teachers communicate via phone and email throughout the school year - making this a true team teaching environment.

Partnering with Blyth Academy Online also allows our principal to focus on our students unique needs, and running our wonderful active OE3 program of trips and school-wide equestrian program - instead of the mountains of Ministry of Education paperwork required to offer each Ontario Secondary School credit course.


Much like some older independent secondary schools (e.g Appleby College), Odyssey Heights graduates receive two high school diplomas - their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), and either the Odyssey Heights Secondary School Diploma or the Honours OHS Diploma. The OSSD is awarded by Blyth Academy Online, and the OHS Diploma or Honours OHS Diploma is granted by Odyssey Heights School for Girls/École pour filles Odyssey Heights

Why the potential switch from Virtual Elementary School to Blyth Academy Online’s new grade 7 & 8 math and language courses?

While not publicly announced yet, Blyth Academy Online is launching grades 7 & 8 math and language courses in 2019 and 2020. To ensure a smooth transition from grade 8 to grade 9, Odyssey Heights students will be enrolled in BAO grade 7 & 8 math if the courses are launched in fall 2019, and grades 7 & 8 language if the courses are launched in January 2020.

How do the Blyth Online Courses Work?

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