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Grades 7-9: Montessori Secondary I Peace Education

As girls reach early adolescence they are motivated and empowered by helping others, by making a difference. Peace education at the Secondary I level is taught as both a separate course and is integrated though out other subjects. Grade 9s complete a special peace project before they continue on to Senior School.

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Grades 10-12: Montessori Secondary II Peace & Conflict Studies

Starting in grade 10 the Peace Education courses of Elementary and Secondary I, adopt a more global and academically deep focus on Peace and Conflict Studies. Curriculum is drawn from multiple sources including the United Nations, university undergraduate and graduate programs, and from the expressed interests of our community. Study is multifaceted and interdisciplinary covering history, anthropology, sociology, gender and equity studies, Indigenous cultures, the visual and performing arts, geography, economics, politics/civics, mathematics and data sciences, technology, and more. The three year course in Peace and Conflict Studies cumulates in an individual peace project and research essay and presentation.