Odyssey Heights School for Girls Has Unique, Engaging, & Inspiring Programs for Girls ages 8 to 18


JSLC: Junior School Learning Community (Grades 3-6)

Girls spend up to four years in our Junior School Learning Community. The team-taught, multiage environment, with a home like interior design provides a supportive and family-like environment where our youngest students can thrive. Having the same teachers for several years allows them to really get to know the unique talents, interests, and needs of each girl.

The small community (maximum of 25 girls with three teachers), lets each girl have frequent one-on-one, and small group lessons that focus on her specific learning styles and needs. The research proven, Montessori curriculum and materials exceeds provincial standards, and appeals to a greater range of learning styles. We strongly encourage students both without and with Montessori schooling to apply. Our teachers are trained in and plan for guiding girls new to child-centred learning and/or Montessori.



MSLC: Middle School Learning Community (Grades 7-9, plus Grade 10 in 2018-2019)

Adolescence is a time of great changes, challenges, and opportunities for girls. The Middle School Learning Community provides an engaging transition between the smaller Junior School, and the university preparatory Senior School programs. Girls are empowered to take increasing ownership of their learning, supported in establishing positive interpersonal relationships, and engage in a wide variety of learning experiences that build their resilience, healthy living habits, and self-confidence.


HPPD: Honours Preprofessional Dance (Grades 6-12)

Talented dancers passionate about a career in dance and the performing arts have unique challenges when it comes to succeeding in both academics and their art. At Odyssey Heights School, academics are integrated with training by current and former professional dancers and choreographers.

Dancers who start at OHS in grade 6 or 7 can graduate with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, and one to two AP credits at the end of grade 11. Grade sixes start in the Middle School Learning Community to allow them to work ahead academically, so they can start taking Ontario Secondary School credits in grade 8. Up to four credits per year in da

Both grades 10 and 11 both have five credit Integrated Studies courses that combine dance history (studio course) with other arts, English, Canadian & World History, and Communications technology. Odyssey Heights Honours Preprofessional Dancers graduate able to not only perform with athleticism, artistry, and professionalism; but also able to produce and edit their own audition and promotional videos, manage their social media, run a business, and have a strong academic background for when they choose to pursue post-secondary studies.



Starting in 2019-2020

SSLC: Senior School Learning Community (Grades 10-12), and 

Starting in 2019, Odyssey Heights School for Girls will offer grade 11 and 12, and grade 10s will be in the Senior School Learning Community. Grade 11 will be a special year at Odyssey Heights as all girls choose either a 4-5 credit integrated studies course in Winter to Spring term, or do a coop or internship.

The program and course offerings will be created with input from Odyssey Heights students and parents.


AP.I heart AP TeddyBear.jpg

Starting in 2019-2020

The AP Program

Odyssey Heights has chosen the AP program because it fits very well with our philosophy and schedule. Unlike other advanced high school programs, AP allows girls to choose to take just one AP course, or even take four or more in the areas that interest them. 

OHS plans to offer the following AP courses*:

  • French Language and Culture**
  • Environmental Science
  • Computer Science Principals
  • English Language and Literature**
  • At least one Mathematics
  • At least one Art or Music
  • Cultural Geography
  • World History
  • Psychology

*Courses offered will depend on student interests. 

**Required for The OHS Honours Preprofessional Dance Diploma. Students starting in grades six or seven will be ready to take these AP courses in grade 11.



Starting in 2019-2020

ESES: Equine Science & Equestrian Studies Diploma(Grades 10-12)

For girls that are passionate about a career in veterinary, environmental, and biological sciences; equine management; business and entrepreneurship; and human services, the Equine Science and Equestrian Studies program is being created just for them. The ESES diploma consists of both common and locally developed Ontario Secondary School courses, AP courses, one to three days at the stables, co-op and work placements, and extensive out of province and international travel. Applications open in summer 2018 for current OHS students, and in fall for new OHS students.

Locally Developed Courses currently being created include:

  • The human-horse relationship
  • Equine management (grades 10,11,12)
  • Pre-veterinary science
  • Wild-life biology
  • Lifestock biology and ecology (Llamas, geese, chickens, goats, ...)